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At The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC, we assist clients who have been accused of criminal activity throughout various areas of Southern Ohio. With experience in both state and federal criminal defense, we take an aggressive approach to protecting the rights of our valued clientele. If you need someone who is prepared to fight to protect your rights, we can help. Our Cincinnati office is located right next to the courthouse and the prosecutor’s office, in the heart of the action. If you need someone to fight for you, request a free initial consultation.

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  • "You are all that was told of you abilities and how you treat people. My husband and I are forever grateful for the way my situation was handled. I am very happy and satisfied. Jen was very nice and ..."

    A Satisfied Client
  • "Steven R. Adams responded immediately when I needed them. Mr. Brittingham was very helpful in all matters of the court case at a reasonable rate. I would like to thank everyone at the Law Offices of ..."

    A Satisfied Client
  • "Tad, I just wanted to say thank you for your time and effort! You have helped me move forward on a hard time for me. I can now put this behind me and start fresh with a new positive attitude. Thank ..."

    A Satisfied Client
  • "Steve was referred to us by a family friend who Steve successfully defended. I was in urgent need of a stellar attorney to defend me after a horrific auto accident which resulted with me being charged ..."

    A Satisfied Client
  • "I was a bit nervous at first but Tad had his game plan the moment he heard me out and I was impressed on how fast he got me out and back to work."

    A Satisfied Client
  • "Thank you Tad – for all your help. I was very pleased in how you handled my case. Your professional attitude and guidance in all matters was very helpful and stress relieving. We also appreciated your ..."

    A Satisfied Client
  • "Steve Adams is the most respected DUI attorney in Cincinnati. He is excellent."

    Comment Made by a Fellow Peer and Superlawyer
  • "Mr. Adams is a premier DUI defense practitioner. I have seen his work first-hand and I know him to be an outstanding lawyer in this area. He has my strongest recommendation to be considered a Super Lawyer."

    Comment Made by a Fellow Peer and Superlawyer
  • "Steve Adams is one of the hardest working and best prepared lawyers in the greater Cincinnati area."

    Comment Made by a Fellow Peer and Superlawyer
  • "I refer all DUI matters to Steve Adams. His reputation is exceptional, and he gets fantastic results. My clients have always been very pleased with Steve's representation."

    Comment Made by a Fellow Peer and Superlawyer
  • "Steve Adams is diligent, caring, professional, and fierce. I would highly recommend him."

    Comment Made by a Fellow Peer and Superlawyer
  • "Steve's a great lawyer."

    Comment Made by a Fellow Peer and Superlawyer
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Attorneys for DUI & OVI Charges

Prosecutions for drinking and driving often involve evidence from breathalyzer machines and field sobriety tests. Steven R. Adams is a certified instructor in standardized field sobriety testing and is certified to use the Intoxilyzer 5000 machine, the Intoxilyzer 8000 machine, and the BAC Data Master machine. He has also been qualified in Ohio Courts as an expert witness for Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and Breath testing.

Steven R. Adams is very familiar with the equipment and methods used in DUI / OVI cases, and he uses this insight to create customized defense strategies for clients who have been charged with all types of drunk and drug-related driving offenses. From spotting errors in procedures, questioning evidence that may have been improperly gathered, and exploring all avenues to secure a positive resolution - our team is ready to fight for you. To learn more about our DUI / OVI practice, request a free case evaluation with a member of our team. See a list of courts we serve here.

Dedicated, Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC is here to protect you at every stage of the criminal justice system. After an arrest, align yourself with a defense lawyer from our firm and we will stand by your side through the entirety of your case, including, bail / bond, arraignment, grand jury, plea bargaining, trial, sentencing, and appeal.

Backed by decades of experience, our team is ready to protect your interests as we fight your charges. By law, you are afforded certain fundamental rights, and we are here to make sure these rights are not compromised as your case proceeds through the criminal justice system.

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Top Ten Do's & Don'ts for DUI Suspects

  • Do provide the officer with your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration if possible.
  • Do comply with an officer’s request for you to exit the vehicle.
  • Do be courteous to law enforcement but do not say more than you have to or give them any evidence.
  • Do remember the Fifth Amendment protects your right to remain silent.
  • Do understand you have the right to refuse sobriety tests and to appeal any license suspension imposed.
  • Do Not talk to police about where you were or what you did. Tell the officer, “I want to speak to an attorney before I say or do anything.”
  • Do Not take any field sobriety tests. These tests are voluntary, subjective, and meant to incriminate you. Tell the officer, “I want to speak to an attorney before I say or do anything.”
  • Do Not give law enforcement consent to search your vehicle.
  • Do Not consent to taking chemical tests - including blood, breath, or urine tests - until you speak with a lawyer.
  • Do Not allow law enforcement to pressure you into taking sobriety or chemical tests. They are scientifically unreliable and will not help your case.