If you're facing state or federal criminal charges, the prosecution is counting on you not understanding your legal rights. They're hoping you'll agree to the charges with vague promises of leniency or a reduced sentence.

At The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. If you've been accused of a DUI, violent crime, drug offense, or other criminal activity in the Cincinnati metropolitan area (including Northern Kentucky), we'll explain your options and advocate for your interests through every step of your case.

What We Want You to Know

Steven Adams: "Since I started the firm in 2000, we have grown to have three attorneys; we know the ins and outs of DUI defense. We take pride in our work ethic and I believe our clients know that we work hard for them. That’s what they expect, that’s what we expect and that’s what we will do."

"We act quickly and aggressively at this firm. We need to because we need to investigate the facts, we need to investigate defenses, and we need to anticipate where the prosecution is going with the case. That helps us prepare an adequate and thorough defense for our clients so by the time we go to trial, we can be completely prepared to win our case. We are also a very determined law firm. We are determined to win at trial, prepare vigorously, and to achieve the best outcome for our client each and every time."

Bill Cunningham: "Steve established his law practice many years ago. I have had cases with him now, co-counseled many things and there is not a better criminal defense attorney in the Tri-State then Steven R. Adams."