Our goal is to protect you from the consequences of a DUI/OVI conviction in Southern Ohio or Northern Kentucky. DUI stands for driving under the influence; OVI stands for operating a vehicle under the influence. In Ohio, drunk driving and DUI are legally referred to as OVI.

At The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, our Cincinnati OVI and DUI lawyers strive to protect the rights, freedoms, and futures of our clients and fight to secure the best outcome possible. We've helped countless clients get "not guilty" verdicts or secure reduced charges and lower penalties. Let us put this experience to work for you!

We Personally Attend to Your Case

Every DUI/OVI case is unique. This means the facts and circumstances of your arrest will determine your charges and potential consequences. For example, courts may consider factors such as:

  • Whether accidents or injuries were involved
  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • Your criminal history

No matter the charges you face, you can expect to be prosecuted aggressively and penalized harshly if convicted. Law enforcement and prosecutors are intent on gaining convictions in DUI/OVI cases, and it takes skill to create customized defense strategies that challenge their claims. To ensure your rights are protected at all points of the criminal process, and that you receive personalized representation, you need an experienced drunk driving lawyer on your side.

Steven R. Adams has been recognized by Super Lawyers® Magazine as among the top 5% of attorneys in Ohio for 10 consecutive years and has been selected for inclusion in the 2016 Best Lawyers in America® publication by U.S. News and World Report. He has earned recognition not only for his ability to deliver the results clients need but also for being available 24/7 and placing an emphasis on personalized service. Find out how The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams can be of assistance to you.

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Types of Hearings After an OVI Arrest

A judge will oversee all hearings related to your arrest, including BMV-imposed suspension hearings. Our firm can guide you through all phases of the legal process while we help you understand your rights and what to expect next. After an arrest, you may need to attend any number of hearings, such as:

  • Driving Privilege Hearing
  • Pretrial Conference Hearings on Obtaining Evidence
  • Motions to Suppress Evidence
  • Motions to Compel in Order to Obtain Evidence
  • Daubert Hearings in Order to Get Scientific Evidence Accepted or Excluded
  • Bench Trials and Jury Trials
  • Administrative License Suspension Appeals

Other common tickets that individuals often receive after their DUI or OVI can also include:

  • Traffic Violations
  • Driving Under Suspension

Full-Service DUI/OVI Representation

Our defense lawyers have years of experience protecting the rights and futures of clients charged with all types of DUI / OVI offenses, from misdemeanors to the most serious felony charges. 

Examples of the types of DUI cases we handle include:

Because time is of the essence in DUI/OVI cases, we encourage you to reach out to our team for a FREE case review as soon as possible. Our lawyers are available to personally review your case, explain your rights, and discuss how we can be of help in your case. We can also answer any questions you have about DUI/OVI laws and DMV hearings—which we also handle for our clients.

Attorney Certified in Breath & Field Sobriety Testing

Steven R. Adams has the knowledge, qualifications, experience, and training to administer the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. As a reliable witness on field sobriety testing, he can determine if the police officer conducted your tests properly. If any failings occurred during the breath and field sobriety testing, Steven R. Adams will create a defense strategy that will work best for your case.

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