Felonies are considered the most serious of all crimes. A felony is punishable by incarceration of more than six months in prison. All felony arrests in Ohio are subject to a grand jury hearing to determine if probable cause exists to move forward in the criminal justice process. Grand jury proceedings are secret in nature and involve testimony from victims, witnesses, and police officers regarding the facts and circumstances behind the offense. At The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC, we can help fight for your rights if you are accused of committing a felony offense.

Some examples of felony offenses include:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery

A felony of the first degree is the most serious of all felonies, whereas a felony of the fifth degree is a step above a misdemeanor offense. The length of incarceration and maximum fine varies within each degree. Aggravated murder is punishable by life without the possibility of parole, life with parole after 20, 25, or 30 years, or even the death penalty. Murder is punishable by life with the possibility of parole after 15 years and a $15,000 maximum fine. There may be additional penalties associated with firearm violations and repeat offenses. The most serious of all felonies are eligible for the death penalty in Ohio.

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With 25 years of experience behind us, our skilled legal team works relentlessly when handling felony matters because we wish to shield our clients from long-term or collateral consequences that are associated with felony convictions. For example, felons may be prohibited from serving on a jury and lose the right to vote while incarcerated. In addition, registration requirements are imposed for convictions involving specific sex crimes.

A conviction for a violent felony offense or drug offense may also result in the following:

  • Loss of the ability to own or carry a firearm
  • Loss of certain professional degrees and licenses, affecting current and future employment
  • Loss of the ability to hold a public office

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