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Theft is defined as depriving another individual of his/her property or services intentionally and without the property owner’s consent. Theft charges could have an adverse effect on your life: those accused could lose their job, or have difficulty finding future employment. Have you been arrested on theft charges?

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Theft Laws in Ohio

Theft is actually an umbrella term that encompasses many different types of crimes, all of which involve the unlawful taking of another’s property. Examples of theft crimes include:

  • Distributing bad checks
  • Identity theft/credit card theft
  • Burglary
  • Forgery
  • Complicity in a theft
  • Petty theft including shoplifting
  • Robbery/armed robbery
  • Home invasion

In some cases, a person with a misdemeanor theft charge may be permitted to partake in a diversion program. If allowed, the person will complete various steps of the program, under supervision, as an alternative to traditional criminal justice proceedings. However, these diversion programs are only considered for offenses that do not involve violence or physical harm.

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Our team handles complex criminal cases in Southern Ohio. We are known for excellence in our high standards of advocacy. Theft and fraud cases are very serious, and often result in prison time, expensive fines, and criminal records. These penalties are unforgiving. If convicted of a theft crime, you could face dramatic changes to your life and deterioration to your public reputation. You should not hesitate to consult our firm regarding your case.

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