Wooden Gavel With the Scales of JusticeA misdemeanor case in Ohio can either be heard by a jury or litigated in front of a lone judge (called a bench trial). It is generally up to the attorneys in the case to choose between a bench trial or jury trial—and there are some significant differences between the two that may harm your case.

What Happens in a Bench Trial?

In bench trials, the entire case is decided by a judge without the assistance of a jury. The judge in a bench trial:

  • Rules on the admissibility of evidence
  • Issues a ruling on any questions of law
  • Determines credibility of each witness’s testimony
  • Decides whether the defendant is guilty or innocent
  • Determines the penalties for a guilty verdict

What Happens in a Jury Trial?

In a jury trial, evidence is presented before randomly selected individuals who determine whether a defendant is guilty or innocent. In an Ohio misdemeanor case:

  • There are only 8 jurors instead of 12
  • The jury does not decide the punishment for the crime (in Kentucky, the jury DOES determine the punishment for a guilty verdict)
  • It typically takes longer than bench trials due to the jury selection process and the time it takes to educate the jurors on technical aspects of the case
  • The jury finding must be unanimous and based on proof beyond a reasonable doubt
  • The defendant may be offered a plea bargain if a verdict is not reached

Do I Want a Bench Trial or Jury Trial for a Misdemeanor Charge?

This is a tough question, and the answer depends on the specific details of the case. In some cases, a jury may be more sympathetic to an offender (such as if they were underage when the crime was committed). In others, a jury may side with the alleged victim.

As your defense attorney, I am diligent in selecting the trial process that has the most benefit to you. When I meet with the prosecutor and the judge to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the case, I get a sense of how the judge feels and whether they are likely to give a favorable ruling. If the judge seems unmoved by your situation, I will always select a jury trial.

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