Ohio takes driving under the influence very seriously. Before you even face charges, police will take your driver’s license, and you will face an administrative suspension of your driving privileges. This is different from a criminal penalty that only applies after a conviction. In fact, your administrative license suspension may still stand even if the prosecution drops your charges or the court acquits you!

The criminal penalties of a conviction for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) are even more severe. You will want to do everything possible to fight both the administrative suspension and criminal penalties of a drunk driving conviction. A DUI & OVI lawyer in Hamilton, OH has the resources necessary to investigate your arrest and fight the charges against you.

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How Can a Hamilton DUI & OVI Charge Affect My Everyday Life?

An OVI arrest and conviction brings both legal and administrative consequences. The administrative license suspension begins immediately when the police take you into custody, but you will only need to worry about the criminal penalties if they convict you.

Administrative Penalties

While police take your driver’s license during your arrest, you have 30 days to appeal this administrative suspension. If you give us a call before this date passes, or if you request an appeals hearing and then give us a call, we can represent you during this process. We can present evidence to counter the police officer’s account of events and request reinstatement of your license.

If this is not successful, you will face a suspension of at least 90 days. You may however, qualify for limited driving privileges that allow you to continue driving to work or school. We can help you apply.

Criminal Penalties

If the court convicts you of an OVI defense, you may face an additional driver’s license suspension, fines, and even jail time. Often, the court will allow first time offenders probation instead of extended jail time. The conditions may include regular drug testing, community service, and mandatory drug and alcohol counseling.

If your blood alcohol concentration was a “high test” (i.e., .17 or higher), there is a mandatory minimum six-day jail sentence. We may be able to persuade the judge to allow you to serve weekends or another schedule that allows you to minimize your time away from work or school.

As you can see, an OVI conviction can cause major disruption to many areas of your life. You might lose your license, face large fines, and have your car impounded. You could spend time in jail, causing you to lose your job. Your criminal record will be a topic of conversation every time you apply for another job and may make it more difficult to find a new one.

How Can We Win a Hamilton DUI & OVI Case?

There are many different defense strategies we can employ to get the best possible outcome in your Hamilton OVI case. We will fight to reduce any potential penalties, get the charges against you dropped entirely, or clear your name in court. While each case is different and our approach depends heavily on the circumstances of your arrest, some of the most common ways we can win these cases for our clients include:

  • Presenting evidence to definitively prove your innocence, convincing prosecutors to drop the charges
  • Uncovering issues with the blood alcohol concentration testing machine or procedure, proving the police illegally stopped you, or identifying other evidence that forces the court to question the admission of the evidence against you
  • Negotiating a deal where you plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for more lenient penalties
  • Arguing your case in court and getting a “not guilty” verdict from the jury
  • Presenting a compelling argument for the penalties that best fit your lifestyle and personal needs after a guilty verdict

While DUI and OVI charges are often difficult to beat, your chance for a positive outcome increases with an experienced attorney by your side.

We also know the importance of a thorough investigation, and look at every detail of your stop, arrest, and blood alcohol concentration testing. It is not uncommon to discover the police had no legal reason to pull you over, or that there was an issue with the blood alcohol testing equipment or procedure. Either of these things can lead to the judge throwing out the prosecution’s evidence against you, or at least strengthening our case considerably.

If you try to handle an OVI charge on your own, you may overlook one of these details. We know how officers commonly make mistakes during these arrests, and how to collect the evidence necessary for a strong defense. You can feel confident in our ability to get you the most positive conclusion possible for your case.

Have You Been Arrested for a DUI in Cincinnati, OH?

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