It's Bill Cunningham here for Steven R. Adams. If you’re a business owner or if your son or daughter, brother, sister, mom or dad have an OVI or DUI problem. I would urge you to contact the best lawyer I know for that field of work and that would be Steven R. Adams.

It is devastating to be arrested by the police, have your license suspended, possibly go to jail, and to be rated for insurance for years to come. 

It is devastating in someone’s professional life, especially as a young person to have a DUI on your record. Many businesses will not hire you or your son or daughter if they have a DUI.

Why risk it all? The best thing you can do when you’re in trouble, or a son or daughter or family member is in trouble is call Steven R. Adams. Well respected, he is the guy teaching lawyers DUI and OVI defense work. He is the man who wins cases in the Supreme Court and he wins cases right there in his community. I, Bill Cunningham, would urge you to contact Steven R. Adams.

When you're stopped by the man, you better call the man.

Have You Been Arrested for a DUI in Cincinnati, OH?

If you are facing DUI charges, you need to speak with an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Cincinnati office directly at 513-929-9333 to schedule your free consultation.

Steven R. Adams
Steven R. Adams was a criminal defense lawyer dedicated to DUI, OVI, and criminal defense in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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