Listen to attorney Steven R. Adams talk about DUI/OVI charges in this Labor Day clip from The Bill Cunningham Show.

Noted DUI/OVI attorney Steven R. Adams has three tips for Ohio residents celebrating Labor Day with family and friends.

  • Number 1. If you’re stopped by the po-po on Labor Day weekend, have your license, insurance, and registration ready before the officer gets to the car. One of the first things they’re going to do is look to see if you’re fumbling around in your vehicle. Your insurance card or license might be stuck with a bunch of other papers in your wallet or glove compartment, so start looking for it right away.
  • Number 2. Should you respond to questions from the police officer? No! Say, “Before I do or say anything, I want to talk to a lawyer.” You don’t want to admit you’ve been drinking, but you don’t want to lie. It’s your right to refuse to incriminate yourself. Stopped by the man, call the man—Steven R. Adams.
  • Number 3. You have to get out of the car when asked. The officer has the right to ask you to get out of the vehicle, but if you fall or stumble, this can be evidence. If you provide no evidence, you have an excellent chance of getting an acquittal or not guilty verdict.

Without a reasonable doubt means you’d be willing to rely or act upon it in the most important of affairs. This is not the case with the breath tests used for a DUI charge. Call Not Guilty Adams today to discuss your Ohio DUI/OVI.

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Steven R. Adams
Steven R. Adams was a criminal defense lawyer dedicated to DUI, OVI, and criminal defense in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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