Listen to attorney Steven R. Adams talk about avoiding DUI/OVI charges in Ohio in this Memorial Day clip from The Bill Cunningham Show.

How are you planning on celebrating Memorial Day? For many people, the celebration will involve alcohol.

If you’re stopped by police for suspicion of driving under the influence, don’t give them evidence. Say, “Before I say or do anything, I want to call my lawyer.” The Constitution and our brave American soldiers protect our right to avoid incriminating ourselves. Don’t admit to drinking or lie, but it’s your right to choose to refuse.

Most people know they can refuse chemical tests: blood, breath, urine, etc. What they don’t know is that roadside sobriety tests—also known as roadside gymnastics—are voluntary. There’s no penalty for refusing to do these tests and sober people can easily fail. Finger to nose, stand on one leg, walk heel to toe…these are trick tests based on negative scoring in an attempt to fool people into confessing or being caught for a crime they didn't do.

The name of the game is evidence. They need evidence to prosecute and the burden is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. You don’t want to give them evidence to make their jobs easier. With no evidence, it’s a crime of speculation and an experienced lawyer can get a not guilty or acquittal.

It’s your right as an American to choose to refuse. Say, “Officer, before I say or do anything, I’d like to contact my lawyer Steven R. Adams.”

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Steven R. Adams
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