Sex Crimes in Ohio

If you are being investigated or charged with a sex crime in Ohio, now is not the time to panic. Sex crimes charges are serious, and convictions often come with lifelong consequences. Being charged with a sex crime is not the same as being convicted; however, even if you believe that the prosecutor has enough evidence to secure a conviction. There are many reasons that charges can be reduced or thrown out, and a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney will defend your case and help you secure the best possible outcome in your case.ohio sex crime


Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minor


  • Advertisement for sexual activity for hire – Any advertisement or offer in electronic or print media that includes an explicit or implicit offer for sexual activity for hire in Ohio.
  • Depiction – Any photograph, film, videotape, visual material, or printed material.


  • Knowingly
  • Purchase or otherwise obtain advertising space for an advertisement for sexual activity for hire
  • That includes a depiction of a minor

Sentencing and Fines


  • Question: is it a valid defense that you did not know the age of the person depicted in the advertisement or that you relied on a representation of the person’s age depicted in the advertisement?

Answer: No. It is also not a valid defense to say that you relied on the person’s apparent age depicted in the advertisement.

  • Question: Is it a valid defense that you required the person depicted in the advertisement to prove their age?

Answer: Yes, if you can produce a copy of the person’s driver’s license, marriage license, birth certificate, or other government or school issued document that you used to ascertain their age.


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