Simply put, a “co-defendant” is simply someone who is also charged in your case.  He or she may have the same charges you have, have slightly different charges, or have completely different charges.  It all depends on the facts of your case. co-defendants

Will You Learn If There Are Co-Defendants In Your Drug Trial?

Yes.  Generally, courts will make sure that all those involved in a drug incident will be prosecuted together.  That means that you would typically find out who the co-defendants are in your case very early on.  That can be important information.  In some cases, it might be wise to combine resources and essentially “team up” with the co-defendants and their lawyers to present a stronger overall defense.  

Other times, however, a co-defendant will plan his or her defense strategy around flipping and “turning state’s witness,” and thus trying to pin everything on you.   It happens frequently that a co-defendant will try to throw others under the bus.  So, it is always a good idea to know who the other players may be in the government’s case against you, and to find out as early as possible. 

Can You Talk to Co-Defendants?

If a person is represented by an attorney, then your attorney cannot talk to them without his or her attorney present.  That said, you and your attorney can always talk to a co-defendant’s attorney.  Speaking with a co-defendant’s attorney can sometimes be more productive than speaking with the actual co-defendant.  In addition, if a person does not have an attorney, then you or your attorney can speak to them directly. 

In sum, if you are facing a trial on drug charges, be sure that you or your attorney find out as early as possible if you will be tried along with other co-defendants.  There could be some benefits to be gained with that information – either in being able to work with a co-defendant, or in being prepared for a co-defendant who may turn on you. 


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