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In their seminars, Steven R. Adams and Bill Cunningham place four cards on the table: an ace, a jack, a 7, and a 3. When you’re playing blackjack, you want the dealer to have the 3 and the 7. You want to keep the ace and the jack.

In DUI blackjack, an ace is the breath, blood, or urine test. You do not want to agree to these tests under any circumstances. Choose to refuse!

The field side sobriety tests are the equivalent of a jack. When you agree to these roadside gymnastics with a chemical test, you’ll give the dealer (the po-po) a winning hand.

You can’t control the cards in a regular game of blackjack, but you can in the DUI version. Don’t hand the government the evidence they need to convict you!

There’s no penalty for refusing roadside sobriety tests. Ohio does have penalties for refusing a chemical test, but a skilled lawyer can overturn these. Be polite, but say “Officer, before I say or do anything, I want to speak to my attorney.”

In DUI blackjack, a 7 is officer observations of slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, alcohol on the breath, or other signs of intoxication. It’s not a compelling case, and the observations are subjective. It’s worth betting against.

In DUI blackjack, a 3 is not having a front license plate, speeding, or going over the line a bit. These actions can be used to say you’re not driving well, so you must be drunk. But you might be tired or distracted. The officer doesn’t really know.

To get a conviction, cops need proof beyond a reasonable doubt. When you know your rights and don’t help the cops do their job, you have a good chance of an acquittal or not guilty verdict.

Know the rules of the game before you play.

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Steven R. Adams
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