Folks, you need to choose to refuse the blood test, don’t let the government stick their nasty fangs into you.

Remember to say no-no to the po-po and the government vampires. You don’t want them to stick you with their needles, their fangs...choose to refuse.

Here’s why. When you take a blood test, the government has to put a specific and proper amount of anticoagulant and preservatives in the blood to make sure that it does not ferment alcohol. Frequently, they get the improper amount in the blood tube vial. That can be contaminated because alcohol will ferment from improper preservative in the blood vial and cause a falsely high blood result. You don’t want to take a blood test!

Also, the nurse may swab you with an alcohol swab rather than other substances. Don’t take a blood test when they’re going to swab you with alcohol that is a contaminant. Also, there’s a chain of custody issue. In addition, vials that aren’t properly sealed leak and contaminants get in.

Other problems are a lack of refrigeration and improper mixing of preservative and anticoagulant in the blood, also improper pipetting and sample agitation. Equipment is not properly sterilized. Also, equipment is not properly calibrated or it hasn’t been regularly maintained or repaired or sent back for service.

So, folks, don’t take a blood test. Remember, the name of the game for the government is evidence. Simply don’t give them evidence and choose to refuse.

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