One of the first things that your defense attorney in your drug case should do is move for something called a bill of particulars.  The phrase might initially sound strange, but the title is actually quite descriptive.  It is a list, or “bill,” of details, or “particulars,” about the crime of which you have been accused.bill of particulars

Simply stated, a bill of particulars is a document that states specifically what the government is claiming you did that constitutes a violation of the statute.  Further, the government specifies when this supposed conduct occurred. 

In order to obtain a bill of particulars, the defendant must request one through a written motion to the court.  Upon receipt of that motion, the government must then provide that bill of particulars. A good defense attorney will file a demand for a bill of particulars in every case for a several reasons:

  • To preserve your rights,
  • To obtain information that you may not otherwise be able to get, and
  • To explore defenses that you may have. 

The “when” aspect of a bill of particulars is very important especially if you claim that you did not commit the offense.  You and your attorney cannot begin to put an alibi together without knowing when the government is claiming you committed the drug offense. 

Therefore, by requesting a bill of particulars, you and your attorney can know when the act happened.  Then, you can begin putting together where you were on that date and time.  If you know, and even have proof, that you could not have been where the government says you were, then you have a viable alibi defense that may serve as a complete defense to the drug charges against you.

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