Starting January 15, 2024, Ohio’s new law will give parents/guardians oversight of their children’s online presence and social media usage. social media

The new law states: 

● Kids under the age of 16 in Ohio must obtain parental consent to create accounts on online platforms. 

● Operators of online platforms must also present parents with a list of censoring or content moderation features to ensure minors’ online safety. 

● Once the parent/guardian gives consent, the operator must then send written confirmation to the parent or legal guardian via mail, fax, or email. If the parent/guardian does not consent, the platform must deny access to the child. 

The law will apply to traditional social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., along with any online website allowing you to interact with other users, create a public profile, create/post content, and populate a list of users who share a connection on other platforms. 

If the online platforms do not send notification to parents/guardians or if a parent/guardian wants to delete their kid’s account, parents should contact the website operator who then has 30 days to terminate the child’s access. If the account is not deleted, the parent/guardian may file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at

Any accounts created before January 15, 2024 are not covered under the new law. 

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