Practice Law Like an Ironman

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Starting a law practice may be the most personally and financially rewarding endeavor you ever take on as a lawyer, but it will also be one of the most difficult. Building a successful solo or small law practice takes crazy preparation, perpetual motivation, and relentless perseverance—and even the best-laid plans will fail without the right systems to keep them on course.

Attorney Steven R. Adams is one of the nation’s leading DUI/criminal defense attorneys, a sought-after public speaker, and author with a thriving solo practice based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In Practice Law Like an Ironman: Unbeatable Checklists for Any Lawyer Creating and Building a Solo or Small Practice, he offers a unique workshop program for any lawyer aspiring to build a solo or small practice of their own. His versatile strategy employs a strategic office set-up protocol and an unbeatable marketing master plan that can be tailored to any niche of the law. 

Transform Your Law Practice, Transform Your Life

As a four-time Ironman world championship competitor, Steve Adams knows how dedication, persistence, and the right attitude are the direct driving force for positive results. The Ironman experience taught Adams motivational principles that have successfully led him to continually improve and become the best in law—and life. Since leaving the DA’s office and founding his solo practice two decades ago, Steve has more than quadrupled his income, all while building a large national following and appearing on a host of radio and TV programs. 

Practice Law Like an Ironman is a practical and useful mix of motivational coaching and law practice how-to checklists. Throughout the book, Steve offers step-by-step instructions on starting a solo law practice, beginning with the nuts and bolts of building a law firm all the way to improving your position to compete with the ever-growing competition. 

This book contains vital information on creating the practice that you have always envisioned, including how to:

  • Overcome your fears with a positive mindset
  • Create your vision, core values, and mission statement
  • Choose and equip your office location
  • Use hyper-smart office systems to reduce your workload
  • Hire and retain the right staff for success
  • Balance fee structures and client satisfaction
  • Be a leader to your employees
  • Manage your law practice’s finances sustainably
  • Win clients and referrals
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Create a marketing plan to reach your ideal clients

Whether you are a beginning lawyer, a big firm attorney who is ready to go solo, or you need to breathe life into your established firm, Practice Law Like an Ironman is an indispensable guide to ignite and jumpstart your law practice. Take action now to practice law like an Ironman in a big way!