steve-avvo (1)Selecting the right DUI attorney for yourself or a loved one can be frustrating. You need to find an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney that specializes in DUI to handle your case.

If you start your search online, it can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from. Websites like rank attorneys by state and show client and peer ratings. Steve Adams has a 10.0 rating on – meaning, he is a top-ranked DUI attorney in Ohio. Take a look at the attorney’s online reviews and see what previous clients have said about their experiences. You should also ask your relatives and friends if they know any DUI lawyers they recommend.

Once you have a list of attorneys, call them (they typically give a free initial consultation) and ask them:

1) How many years have you specialized in DUI defense?
2) What percentage of your cases are DUI?
3) What is your “not guilty” record?
4) What do you think the outcome of my case will be?
5) What are your rates?

Have You Been Arrested for a DUI in Cincinnati, OH?

If you are facing DUI charges, you need to speak with an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Cincinnati office directly at 513-929-9333 to schedule your free consultation.

Steven R. Adams
Steven R. Adams was a criminal defense lawyer dedicated to DUI, OVI, and criminal defense in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Bella Wiley 07/20/2022 05:33 AM
We are looking for a lawyer that we can hire to help us with our DUI case to hear tomorrow, and we want to make sure we make the right decision. I liked that you mentioned finding a DUI lawyer; you should be asking about the years they have specialized in DUI defense and the rates for the service. I will show this to my husband to see how this can help us decide what to consider when looking for dui lawyer.
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