Ohio's New Gun Laws in 2024

Cincinnati plans to enact new gun laws in 2024. In December, Cincinnati City Council passed two new gun laws to target gun violence in Ohio. concealed carry

● One of the new gun laws will require immediate mandatory reporting when a gun is lost or stolen. Failure to report a lost or stolen gun could result in a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge and a $750 fine. 

● The other new law would require a reprocessing fee of $200 if the gun is stolen from someone who didn’t take steps to secure it. 

Ohio's Concealed Carry Laws  

Under Ohio’s updated 2023 concealed carry law, individuals 21 or older may carry a concealed firearm without a license after completing a background check. However, Ohio police can still seize illegal guns and ghost guns. 

● Illegal gun - The new permitless carry law (PCL) changed the definition of an “illegal gun.” Even with the new law, it may be illegal for you to concealed carry in different circumstances, i.e. if you’re not eligible based on criminal record, if you’re in a school or courthouse, or if you’re driving in a school safety zone with an unlicensed handgun in your car. 

● Ghost gun - A ghost gun refers to an unregulated, untraceable firearm that is bought or built without a background check. 

The new concealed carry law also states that individuals are no longer required to inform police officers of their concealed carry status unless specifically asked. However, if you’re asked if you’re armed, lying about it to the officer is a misdemeanor. 

Even with Ohio’s updated 2023 concealed carry laws, these new gun laws in 2024 may impact you. If you lend your gun to a friend or family member, if your gun is stolen and not reported, or if you do not properly secure your gun, you could be violating updated gun laws in Ohio. 

Stay tuned for updates regarding Cincinnati’s new gun laws, and read more about Ohio gun laws here.

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