At The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, we love and respect police officers. However, when you’re pulled over for suspicion of a DUI/OVI, we urge you to say no-no to the po-po.

As the officer is coming up to your car, get your license, insurance, and proof of registration. Roll down your window, but don’t admit to drinking. You don’t want to lie, but you don’t need to admit wrongdoing. In America, we have the right not to incriminate ourselves. Say, “Officer, before I say or do anything, I want to talk to a lawyer.”

Cops are skilled at trying to get evidence. They may promise leniency if you admit you’ve been drinking and go willingly. Don’t fall for it! Repeat that you want to talk to an attorney.

Get out of the car if asked, to avoid being charged with interfering with official business. However, field sobriety tests are completely voluntary. You can’t be penalized for refusing to comply with these roadside gymnastics. The officer has already made up his mind that you’re going to fail, so why give him any evidence to use against you? Choose to refuse!

DUI is really the only crime in America that is a matter of opinion. The officer is arresting you because he believes you’re under the influence of alcohol. He has no proof, so you’ve got a fighting chance to prevail in court.

When you’re stopped by the man, call the man. The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams is here to help.

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