“Steve was referred to us by a family friend who Steve successfully defended. I was in urgent need of a stellar attorney to defend me after a horrific auto accident which resulted in me being charged with a DUI. Although a miracle no one was killed, the damage I did to personal property (approximately $100,000 per insurance estimates) could have easily led to major jail time. Because of Steve’s vast knowledge, expertise, long-time relationships with court personnel and administrators, and his outstanding reputation within the legal system, I walked away with a charge of reckless operating, a $250 fine, and limited driving privileges for 3-6 months. Every single day I give thanks for my son who insisted I get an attorney, to God for his protection over my passengers and others who could have been killed, and to Steve Adams for his (1) kindness and willingness to meet with me and my family at 8 am on a Saturday, just hours after contacting him; (2) for his knowledge of the law and his craft; (3) for taking my calls made to his cell phone at all hours; (4) for showing up when he said he would; (5) for getting me through the worst thing I have ever done virtually unscathed; (6) and for being such a decent guy in a profession that doesn’t exactly have a reputation for employing men of integrity. I can never thank him enough for everything he did for me and my family. Although I hope to never need his service again, he is the only person I would ever recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a precious or what feels like a hopeless situation. With sincere gratitude from a grateful client!”

Satisfied Client