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Listen to Steven R. Adams on The Bill Cunningham Show offer advice for celebrating the Fourth of July weekend.

If your plans include BBQs or picnics with beer, tequila, or a few shots of Johnnie Walker, the safest bet is to call a cab or get an Uber. But, if you do decide to drive home, don’t roll through a stop sign or make other simple driving errors.

If you’re stopped by the po-po, don’t give them evidence. If you don’t give them evidence, you have the chance to make everything awesome and get an acquittal or a not guilty verdict. They have the burden of proof; you do not. You don’t have to say, “I’m a drunk. I’m going to make it easy for you to convict me.”

The US Constitution does not require you to help the po-po. You don’t have to assist the government in their findings. You have the right against self-incrimination. They can ask questions and try to pressure you to answer, but you can choose to refuse. Do not confess to the po-po! Confess to God!

What should you say? “Officer, before I say or do anything, I would like to talk to an attorney.” Don’t admit to drinking or lie and say you haven’t been drinking.

When asked, you do have to give the officer your license, insurance, and proof of registration. If you don’t have it, provide your Social Security number or another means of identification.

Get out of the car when asked, but don’t participate in field sobriety tests. You have the right to choose to refuse! You don’t need to provide evidence and some field sobriety can be failed easily even when you are sober. The tests are voluntary and you can’t be punished for choosing to forgo the tests.

There are penalties for refusing a chemical test, but you can appeal the license suspension if there is no evidence to suggest that you were drinking. When you refuse the field sobriety tests and the chemical tests, there’s no evidence and an excellent chance you’ll win your appeal.

When there’s no evidence, it’s the prosecutor’s worst nightmare! The officer’s opinion isn’t enough for a conviction if there is no supporting evidence. Choose to refuse!

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