My not guilty friends here is the big message: confess to God almighty. God almighty, not the po-po.

Now, folks, you’ve heard of a good cop and bad cop. Each cop, good or bad is trying to strategically manipulate you into confessing. They’re just trying to get an admission or a confession even if it’s not in the proper context. As long as they get something, even a lie, it does not benefit you.

So, do not talk to the po-po. Police need admissions. Police need statements against your interest in order to solve a crime. The courts permit cops to lie to you, but they don’t like it when you lie to cops. Isn’t that a weird contradiction? But it’s allowed.

However, there’s also the Fifth Amendment right in America to remain silent. You have the right to remain silent. If you confess to a crime, you’ve helped the police. You don’t have to help the police, it’s not in your best interest to admit to a crime. You don’t have to help the government, it’s their burden of proof.

You have a right to remain silent, that’s a fundamental constitutional right. It contradicts you saying anything to the police, so don’t confess. Exercise your right to remain silent. And by the way, say no to the po-po. If you wish, confess to God, God Almighty, but not the po-po.

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