Shout out to my not guilty boaters, this is Not Guilty Adams. Let The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams preserve your lifelong hobby of boating, skiing and having fun out there without the lurking water po-po ruining it for you and your family.

Now, a boat can mean anything in Ohio. A boat can be a vessel, a sailboat, it can be a canoe, it can be a jet ski. Also, under the Ohio law, you cannot manipulate water skis, aquaplanes, or similar devices like tubes and rafts that are being trailed on a boat. That can get you in trouble on the river if you have been drinking, so be aware. The water po-po is going to pull you over for things like not having your navigation lights on, not having your anchor lights, going too fast in a no-wave zone creating a wave.

Here’s the name of the game for the government, evidence. They win cases by you giving them evidence, but you don’t have to give them evidence. You have a right to a lawyer, you have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to have the government prove your guilt by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

The government has a burden to prove, you don’t. So, don’t give them evidence. Do not admit to drinking. Why? Because that hurts you and it helps the government.

What do you say? Well, you don’t want to lie to them. What do you say? What is our God-given right in this country? To talk to a lawyer. We love lawyers in this country so say, “Officer, before I say or do anything, I want to talk to Steve Adams.”

Field test, can you imagine giving field–I already got sea legs. How can you perform well on a field test in a boat that’s rocking, swaying? You’re not. Don’t let the po-po trick you into doing a field test, say, “Officer, before I say or do anything, I want to talk to Not Guilty Adams.”

Don’t let the water po-po spoil your fun. Choose to refuse, say no-no to the water po-po. And, if you are stopped by the man, call the man, Steven R. Adams.

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