Some employers may frown upon DUIs. It is more likely to affect you if you are trying to obtain a new job than if you are already secure within your job. Nevertheless, your employer's reaction is obviously subjective. There is no rule when it comes to their reactions. So, keep in mind the circumstantial element

We cannot say how your boss will handle your DUI. What we can tell you is how your DUI will affect other components of your life and career. 

DUIs and Commercial Vehicles

If you drive a commercial vehicle for a living, a DUI can result in termination due to legal limitations on your commercial license. An Administrative License Suspension (ALS) or OVI conviction will result in a one-year disqualification of your commercial license. This penalty is the result regardless of whether you were driving a personal vehicle or commercial vehicle at the time of the offense.

DUI Penalties

Unlike a DUI involving a citizen without a commercial license, if you are convicted of a DUI as a commercial driver, you do not have the option of driving privileges for work during your suspension. You may drive your personal vehicle with restricted hours and purposes, but you will not be permitted to drive your commercial vehicle (hence a lack of employment during your suspension). The company may also let you go because of insurance rate spikes and liability issues. 

Consequences of a DUI on Certain Careers

Beyond those who drive a commercial vehicle for a living, DUI convictions have other consequences that can affect certain careers. For instance, depending on the circumstances of the stop, it can:

Affect the Validity of Your Concealed Carry Permit

If your employment is dependent upon your right to carry a concealed weapon, it could be affected by a DUI.

Restrict Travel

DUI convictions also result in restricting travel to and from certain countries and states. An Ohio judge can give you driving privileges only in Ohio but not in other states that you may work or drive to on a regular basis. Say for instance that you are an international businesswoman. If you are convicted, there is the possibility that you will not be permitted to travel to a country or state where your company is attempting to send you. Once again, your employment will suffer due to your conviction.

Result in Deportation

Finally, if you are an immigrant convicted of a DUI, regardless of employment, this matter will certainly affect your life. You may be fired from your job, but more importantly, you may face deportation. The federal government has broad deportation powers under the Immigration and Naturalization Act, but even if you are not deported, a DUI conviction could bar you from becoming a permanent resident or prevent you from becoming a citizen if you are already a permanent resident. 

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