If You Plead Guilty To DUI Without A Lawyer

If you plead guilty to a DUI without a lawyer in Ohio, you will face an extended driver’s license suspension, fines, possible probation (called community control), and you will have a criminal record. You may have a hard time getting back and forth to work or school. Your auto insurance rates will likely increase, and your record may even make it difficult to get a new job or rent an apartment.

Many people tend to think a drunk driving conviction is not a big deal, and this attitude may lead you to consider pleading guilty to the charge without consulting a criminal attorney first. However, there may be more at stake than you realize.

An Attorney Offers Support and Guidance

The process itself is probably more stressful than you expected it to be, and the anxiety may tempt you to plead guilty just to get it over with. Even the small things like figuring out how to navigate the courthouse can be a challenge when you are on your own. A DUI/OVI attorney can help make this process easier, while also working to minimize the impact this situation has on your future.

You have probably never been in trouble with the police before and may have never been in a courtroom. We work with prosecutors, and in front of judges and juries every day. We can help you understand what to expect and walk by your side from your initial arrest through to the conclusion of your case.

An OVI Attorney Can Help Negotiate a Plea Bargain

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a plea bargain may be a good way to wrap your case up relatively quickly while avoiding the harsh penalties of a drunk driving conviction. A plea bargain has a number of benefits, including costing you less in court and attorney’s fees than a trial, allowing you to fully understand the penalties you will face before agreeing to them, and lessening the sentence you face.

Depending on your situation, an attorney may be able to negotiate an agreement that allows you to plead guilty to a lesser offense instead of drunk driving. However, you want a lawyer to walk you through this process, so you know you are actually getting reduced penalties in exchange for this guilty plea.

An Attorney Can Build a Solid Defense Strategy

From the moment our legal team signs on to handle a case, we begin to formulate a plan to defend your reputation and your future from the allegations you face. We can work to mitigate any damage to your life or career, including fighting for a not guilty verdict or working to reduce the consequences of a conviction.

Our team will evaluate the specific details of your case, from the moment police stopped you. We will investigate the situation in its entirety, with particular focus on the traffic stop, your arrest, the drug and alcohol testing, and the results of the tests. We know these cases hinge on the evidence from field sobriety tests and the blood alcohol content tests, so we work to discredit this information whenever possible. We may be able to challenge evidence, or even get the case against you dropped.

As every case is unique, it is impossible to know how a DUI attorney can help your case without discussing your circumstances. At the very least, an attorney can try to help minimize the penalties you face if convicted of an Ohio drunk driving offense.

Talk to an Ohio OVI/DUI Attorney About Your Case

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