If you get a DUI conviction in Ohio, which we will do everything we can to prevent that, but if you do get a DUI conviction in Ohio, the penalties are draconian. You can lose your freedom by going to jail. You can go to inpatient treatment centers. You can get outpatient treatment, fines, fees, forfeiture of your car. They can take away your license with no driving privileges. If you get driving privileges, you’d make a guardian interlock or restricted plates. The penalties are crazy, folks. Being charged with a criminal offense or DUI in Ohio can be quite serious. It can affect your job, your livelihood, your income and even your freedom. Make sure you have experienced, seasoned and determined lawyers on your side. We’ve handled this thousands of times. If you’re stopped by the man, call the man.
Steven R. Adams
Steven R. Adams was a criminal defense lawyer dedicated to DUI, OVI, and criminal defense in Cincinnati, Ohio.