In Ohio what’s known as an aggravated DUI is essentially what they call a high tiered DUI. Typically you get this in Ohio for a first time offender if you blow a 0.170 or higher in Ohio, or if you’re a repeat offender or a felony offender those are all aggravated DUI’s. In particular they’re aggravated if you refuse. Now, do I encourage you to refuse on those cases anyway? I do. Because if you have been drinking you will most likely blow above 0.08 and we don’t want to have that kind of evidence in Ohio because the Supreme Court has made it very hard for attorneys to challenge those types of test. Furthermore, if you don’t give them a breath test result you’re simply fighting a cop’s opinion. Again, you’re simply fighting a cop’s opinion, and the less evidence you give in a DUI case the better.

Remember it’s a government’s burden approve, not yours, you don’t have to help the government. Don’t give them evidence and the chances of getting out of the aggravated portion of the DUI significantly increase, in my opinion. This is not child’s play. You need someone that has knowledge, training, and experience to properly fight and defend you on this case. Let the law offices of Steven R. Adams protect you and keep you from further embarrassment and help keep that treasured job that you worked so long and hard for.

Steven R. Adams
Steven R. Adams was a criminal defense lawyer dedicated to DUI, OVI, and criminal defense in Cincinnati, Ohio.