In Ohio, a DUI program is called a 72 Hour Driver’s Intervention Program. Any first time offender will have to do that program at the very least. Any person that gets a charge reduced to something that’s not a DUI, for example a reckless operation, will also have to do the 72 Hour course.

Essentially, it’s starts on a Thursday night at about 5 o’clock and you get out at about 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock on a Sunday. What happens is, you don’t go to jail. Let me repeat that, it is not jail. Typically, it’s in a hotel and you’re in a conference room in the hotel getting alcohol assessments, small group counselling. Lectures from people on how to make better choices, make better judgments, when it comes to drinking and driving and things of that nature. Essentially, they tell you not to. They give alcohol and drug education classes, small group therapy, individual assessments. Essentially, what they’re trying to do is correct your behavior in the future so you do not drink and drive and become a repeat offender.

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