Domestic violence charges can include numerous offenses, some of which are very serious. Even when the potential criminal penalties are relatively minor, this type of accusation carries with it a serious social stigma than can affect your entire life. In addition, you could lose access to your children and suffer other devastating consequences.

We know how stressful and difficult it can be to face domestic violence allegations. You do not have to try to manage these allegations on your own. If you enlist our help to manage your legal case, we can help you handle a lot of the other related consequences as well. A domestic violence defense lawyer in Hamilton, OH from the Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC is ready to get started on your case.

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How Serious Are the Potential Consequences of My Hamilton Domestic Violence Charge?

A domestic violence offense is graded with regard to the severity of the penalty it carries. A number of factors affect how a domestic violence offense is graded. This can make a huge difference between only receiving probation or facing significant jail time.

Figuring prominently in this equation is the nature of the alleged crime and other specific details of the incident and the case against you. Whether or not the victim suffered serious injuries, and your criminal history also play a role. You are much more likely to face serious penalties after a conviction if the victim suffered injuries during the incident.

If the offense involves physical violence or attempted physical violence and you are a first-time offender, the state will likely charge you with a first-degree misdemeanor. A conviction could put you in jail for up to six months and leave you with a $1,000 fine. Fortunately, we can often negotiate probation for first-time offenders, depending on the severity of the incident.

More serious offenses are often felony charges, with significantly increased penalties. Some of these offenses carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence. If they convict you of one of these offenses, we cannot negotiate a sentence lighter than the minimum. You will have to serve the mandatory minimum before the court will consider probation.

In some cases, the court may also issue a restraining order against you to keep you away from certain people or places. This may mean you have to find a new place to live or see your children less. The social stigma could also affect your quality of life if friends or colleagues learn about your conviction.

And because a domestic violence conviction stays on your record forever, you might face these consequences for the rest of your life.

How Can I Avoid Jail Time and Other Significant Penalties After a Domestic Violence Charge?

We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accusations against you and develop a defense strategy to give you the best available outcome in your case. We will use our resources and work aggressively to uncover information that could help us win your case.

Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to get you a favorable outcome without ever stepping foot in a courtroom. Some of these outcomes may include:

  • Presenting evidence that compels prosecutors to drop the charges against you
  • Convincing the prosecution to file lesser charges
  • Challenging some or all the evidence the prosecution plans to present against you
  • Negotiating a plea deal for a lesser charge, and lesser penalties

Another way we can help you avoid jail time is by taking your case to court and fighting for an acquittal. And as Steven R. Adams has experience working as a prosecutor, he knows how the prosecution will approach your case and can use this knowledge to effectively counter its case against you.

Our team will represent you, presenting your side of the story and explaining why you could not have committed the crime the prosecution has described. Depending on the strength of our case and the nature of the evidence against you, this may be enough to raise reasonable doubt about your guilt. If the jury does not believe the prosecutor proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you committed the crimes you have been charged with, they must hand down a not-guilty verdict.

Finally, the last way we can help you limit the time you spend in county jail or state prison is to present a solid case to the judge addressing why probation or other penalties are a better option. This is often effective, especially if this is your first criminal conviction and the incident was relatively minor.

Even if the court already found you guilty of a domestic violence charge, you may want to give us a call. We handle a variety of criminal appeals and can review your case to see if you have grounds for a successful appeal. If so, we can pursue an appeal on your behalf. The appellate court might throw out your conviction or call for a retrial.

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