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An Ohio Drug Possession Conviction Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Ohio drug possession charges cover a wide range of situations, from relatively minor to very serious. Likewise, there is an entire spectrum of penalties the judge can hand down if they convict you of one of these crimes. Depending on the charges you face, you might face fines, time in jail or prison, community control, and other consequences. Our team can explain the potential sentencing related to your charges in a more specific way.

Any of the following might affect the penalties you face:

  • The type of drugs you possessed
  • How the state classifies those drugs, and any laws specific to the drug
  • The amount of the drug you possessed
  • Your previous criminal record
  • Any history of drug abuse or prior drug arrests


Many of our clients face accusations of marijuana possession. While this is still illegal, it is a relatively minor crime. For a first offense, your sentence could include:

  • Community control, sometimes called probation
  • A small fine
  • A few hours of community service

Schedule I or II Drugs

Ohio law treats other drugs more seriously. This is especially true of opiates and methamphetamines because abuse is rampant in the state. A conviction of possessing schedule I or II drugs will come with a significant increase in penalties. These drugs include:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Other manufactured drugs
  • Prescription narcotics without a valid prescription

If you possessed any of these drugs, you will likely face:

  • Large fines
  • Incarceration
  • Strict community control after your release from jail or prison

Note: If you had large quantities — more than for personal use — you may face drug trafficking charges.

 Let Our Anderson Township Drug Possession Defense Lawyer Help You

As soon as you retain us, we go to work protecting your rights and fighting to get you the most positive outcome possible. We can quickly arrange a time to meet with you and ensure you do not have to go in for questioning, enter a plea at your arraignment, or attend any other court proceedings alone. We will step in immediately and provide the legal advice and support you need through the conclusion of your case.

We Help You Understand the Process

There is no reason you must go through this alone. With our team on your side, you will always know what to expect and understand the possible results of every situation. Our team is available 24/7 for any questions or concerns you have, and you can expect honest and straightforward answers every time.

We Thoroughly Investigate Every Case

To build a solid defense strategy, we need to understand as much about the circumstances of your case as possible. For this reason, we will investigate what led to your arrest, the actions of police during your arrest, and what happened after they took you into custody. Before we can determine the best way to approach your defense, we need to have all the information possible about:

  • Your actions before your arrest
  • The actions of police during your detainment and arrest
  • Why police stopped you or what brought you to their attention
  • How they found the drugs
  • How they confirmed they were illegal drugs
  • All other interactions between you and the police

Compassionate Support and Guidance

We understand how nerve-wracking a drug possession charge can be. We know you worry a conviction will affect your life in many negative ways, and this is a very real concern. We offer compassionate support throughout the process, and always keep your best interests as our top focus. We will fight tooth and nail to help you avoid a conviction or get a more favorable outcome in your case.

Possible Outcomes of an Anderson Township Drug Possession Case

After we look into your case, we will have a better idea of what the best possible outcome may be. With this in mind, we will put an aggressive defense strategy in place to work toward that goal. Obviously, some outcomes are much better than others, and we will help you fight for those more favorable outcomes. Some of the most common outcomes of Anderson Township, OH drug possession cases include:

  • The accused pleads guilty to the charges and receives the standard sentence
  • The accused pleads guilty, and we can negotiate a more lenient sentence
  • We negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors that allows our client to plead guilty to a lesser charge
  • We aggressively represent our client in court, and the jury returns a not-guilty verdict
  • We aggressively represent our client in court, and the jury returns a guilty verdict

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