Having an Ohio drug possession conviction on your record can affect your life in innumerable ways. The penalties for this conviction can vary widely depending on the type of drug, the amount the state claims you carried, and a number of other factors. Some Ohio drug possession offenses lead to only minor repercussions while others lead to significant jail time and other punishments.

If police arrest you or simply question you about a drug possession offense, you have the right to retain a drug possession defense lawyer in Colerain Township, OH and have them by your side to protect your rights. Give The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC, a call, and we can go to work for you.

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What Consequences Might I Face If Convicted of a Colerain Township Drug Possession Charge?

The consequences you may face if convicted depend on various factors. In general, the courts do not treat carrying a small amount of marijuana for personal use as seriously as they would treat finding a significant amount of heroin or another narcotic.

For example, per O.R.C. § 2925.11, discovering marijuana in your car during a traffic stop might result in relatively minor penalties including:

  • Probation
  • A small fine
  • Community service
  • A relatively short driver’s license suspension

Discovering larger quantities of heroin, methamphetamines, or cocaine, however, would likely call for more serious consequences. This could include:

  • Significant fines
  • Prison or Jail time
  • Longer probation with more stipulations
  • An extended driver’s license suspension

In general, most people who face a drug possession conviction in Colerain Township walk away with only minor legal penalties but more serious implications for their everyday life. Losing your driving privileges is a major headache and having this type of conviction on your criminal record means you will have to explain it every time you need a background check — for a new job, to rent an apartment, or even to apply for a professional license.

We can help you fight the charges against you, working to mitigate the negative effect your arrest has on your future. We will review your case and may be able to get the charges against you dropped or reduced or represent you in court and convince the jury you are not guilty. Our suspended license lawyer can fight to help you keep your driving privileges.

How Can a Drug Possession Defense Lawyer Help Me Win My Case?

A knowledgeable drug possession defense lawyer can help you understand the burden of proof the prosecution must meet to win its case and convict you. By collecting as much evidence as possible, countering its allegations, and building a solid defense on your behalf, we can make it much more difficult for the prosecution to convince the judge and jury of your guilt.

Even if the state has not yet charged you with drug possession, we encourage you to give us a call. We can advise you about what to expect, accompany you if they take you in for questioning, and stand beside you during your arraignment. The sooner we begin working on your case the better.

From the first moment you call on us to represent you, we focus on getting to the bottom of exactly what happened and use the facts of the case to clear your name. We will investigate the alleged criminal activity, the traffic stop if applicable, and how the arresting officers handled your arrest. In some cases, we can find evidence police acted outside their authority with an illegal traffic stop or an illegal search and seizure. When this occurs, the judge could bar the prosecutors from presenting key evidence in your case.

What Are the Potential Outcomes of a Colerain Township, OH Drug Possession Case?

As each case is different, we will have to develop a strategic defense based on the facts of your case, your own preferences, and other specific factors. Our goal is to get the best outcome possible based on the unique details of your situation and the evidence against you.

The possible outcome of your Colerain Township, Ohio drug possession case could vary widely. The prosecution might decide to drop the charges, or the jury might convict you. We can offer advice and support to help you make the right moves for a positive outcome. Some common outcomes include:

  • You plead guilty to the drug possession charges against you and we ask for minimum penalties
  • We fight for exoneration, but the jury finds you guilty
  • We negotiate a plea bargain, with you entering a guilty plea for a lesser charge
  • We uncover evidence to clearly demonstrate your innocence, and the prosecution drops the charges against you
  • We create reasonable doubt about your guilt, and the jury exonerates you

Talk to a Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Colerain Township, OH About Your Case

Colerain Township criminal defense lawyer Steven R. Adams and the team from The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC can help you navigate the criminal justice system and minimize the effect this experience has on your future. We will fight to prevent you from going to jail, losing your license, and facing other major consequences of a drug possession conviction. We will examine your arrest and the situation that led to it, collecting evidence and using this as the center of an aggressive defense strategy.

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