Drug trafficking is a serious offense. As a part of the state’s attempt to crack down on overdose deaths, drug addiction, and drug use, Ohio has stiff penalties for trafficking even a small amount of illegal drugs. No matter if police just accused you of drug trafficking, or if they already arraigned you and announced your charges, a criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the case against you and defend you from the worst penalties.

There is no reason you need to navigate the criminal justice process alone. A drug trafficking lawyer in Hamilton, OH at The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC is here to explain the challenges you face, help you build a strong defense, and represent you every step of the way. Call 513-929-9333 today to for a no-obligation review of your case.

Possible Consequences of an Ohio Drug Trafficking Conviction

The sentence you may face if convicted of an Ohio drug trafficking offense depends heavily on the type of drug involved and how much you had in your possession. For example, per Ohio Revised Code § 2925.03, if they caught you trafficking a small amount of marijuana (under 200 grams) you might face a fifth-degree felony conviction. This is punishable by six months to a year in prison.

If you instead had between 27 and 100 grams of cocaine, you would likely face a first-degree felony conviction. This is punishable by three to 11 years in a state or federal prison, depending on who brings the charges against you.

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you could face a number of penalties if convicted. Felony drug trafficking convictions often call for serious fines, ranging from $2,500 for a fifth-degree felony up to $20,000 for a more serious first-degree felony. You may also have to pay court costs, and a number of other court-ordered fees.

Ohio also includes a potential driver’s license suspension in many sentences stemming from a drug offense. The state could take your driving privileges for up to five years. You could also lose your professional license to practice medicine, law, or a number of other professions. The agency that oversees licensing will receive a certified copy of your conviction, so you will be unable to avoid this penalty if the court finds you guilty.

How Can I Beat a Hamilton Drug Trafficking Charge?

You do not have to try to navigate the criminal justice system alone. We can handle your case for you and provide you with compassion and support while fighting aggressively for a positive outcome based on the facts of your case.

While we cannot promise we can win your case for you, depending on the circumstances of your case, there are several things we may be able to do to reduce the chances you end up spending significant time in jail or facing other severe penalties. Some of the ways we can attempt to get a positive outcome in your case include:

  • Presenting evidence that convinces prosecutors to drop the charges against you
  • Challenging evidence because of an illegal stop, illegal search and seizure, or another mistake
  • Negotiating a plea deal with you pleading guilty to a lesser charge (e.g., drug possession) in exchange for less severe penalties
  • Representing you in court and presenting a compelling defense that raises reasonable doubt about your guilt in the minds of jurors

There may also be other options to beat the charges against you. When we review your case, we can explain your best options and discuss your priorities. For example, if not having a criminal record because of your job or professional license is important for you, then a plea deal might not work for you. Together, we can determine which defense strategy best fits your needs and matches the circumstances of your arrest.

What Is the Role of a Drug Trafficking Lawyer in a Hamilton, OH, Case?

Because we work with clients facing these charges regularly, and because we see the outcomes of cases very similar to yours, we understand the burden of proof required for the prosecution to convict you of a drug trafficking offense. We will identify and collect evidence to counter their accusations and establish reasonable doubt in the mind of each juror.

For example, the prosecution often has only tenuous evidence to prove the drugs in question belonged to the person it is trying for the crime. If this happens in your case, we may be able to present evidence that you share the vehicle with someone else and had no knowledge about the drugs.

We also pay careful attention to every detail of your stop, detainment, and arrest when investigating your case. Any deviation from proper protocol during this process could jeopardize the prosecution’s case against you.

For example, if law enforcement pulled you over for not using a turn signal but your blinker is clearly visible in their dash cam video, the judge could throw out the evidence the prosecution has against you. Officers cannot stop you without a valid reason. They also, generally, cannot search your vehicle or home without your permission or a search warrant.

Finally, we will stand by your side throughout the entire process. From the first time we meet after your arrest until your trial is over, we will be by your side when you have a court appearance or need us to ensure your rights remain protected.

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