How Can a Brown County DUI & OVI Charge Affect My Everyday Life?

Are facing a DUI/OVI in Brown County? Ohio takes these charges very seriously. Before you even see a judge in Ohio, the police will take your license and you will be suspended under the administrative license suspension.  This is different from the criminal penalty which only applies after a conviction. Also, if you beat your OVI charge in court, the administrative license suspension still could remain in effect, and you will still face a suspension of your driving license. 

Going through the court process on an OVI/DUI can be very challenging. There are different penalties depending on if you blew and how high you blew, or you refused. Are you facing a high-tier charge? Are you facing a low-tier charge? Did you get cited for a refusal as well as the OVI/DUI? Do you have a CDL? How does an OVI affect your CDL? How long will my license be suspended? So many questions! This is where a Brown County experienced OVI/DUI attorney can protect you. 

You will want to do everything to fight these charges not only with the administrative license suspension but with the criminal penalties that could possibly come if you are convicted. A DUI/OVI attorney who is familiar with the Brown County Court system has the resources to investigate your case and fight the charges against you or your loved ones.

Criminal Penalties in Brown County, OH

An OVI conviction will be a major disruption to your life. If you get convicted on an OVI/DUI you will likely lose your license, fines, court costs, possible car impoundment, possible jail time, and more. Then you will have the reinstatement fees and hassles with the BMV when it’s time to reinstate your license. Further, will you lose your job? Do you hold a CDL, Nursing License? Medical License? How will that be affected? How long will your CDL be suspended? Will you get it back?  These are all very important questions, if you don’t know the answers to them, or have any other questions, contact us!

Often the Court will allow first-time offenders probation instead of jail time, but there are mandatory penalties you may face depending on what the end results of your case are. Let’s say your blood alcohol concentration was a “heir test” (i.e .17 or higher) there is a mandatory minimum six-day jail sentence., revocation period of your license, probation, and possible extended treatment. If you are a low-tier OVI (i.e 0.08 but less than 0.17) that is a mandatory 3-day sentence.  Often these can be either done in a 3-day driver intervention program and/or a combination of treatment program and jail. 

There are several defense strategies to get the best possible outcome in your case for Brown County.  First, fight to reduce any potential penalties you are facing. Second, try to get any evidence against suppressed leading to a possible dismissal. Third, take your case to trial and get and aim for an acquittal.  

While DUI and OVI charges are often difficult to beat, your chance for a positive outcome increases with an experienced attorney by your side.

Are you or someone you know facing DUI / OVI charges? 

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