Most criminal cases do not go to trial because, in general, prosecutors and defendants would prefer to reach a plea agreement. There is always a risk involved with going to trial for both parties because juries are unpredictable. Sometimes, cases are dismissed after evidence is suppressed, and prosecutors no longer have enough evidence to pursue the charges as a result.  Many cases are also settled before trial by entering into a plea agreement with prosecutors. Plea bargaining is an ongoing process throughout the criminal matter, and plea agreements can be reached at any time before a jury verdict. plea bargain

We never encourage our clients to plead guilty to charges unless we believe it is in their best interests. In sex crime cases, we go over our clients’ goals and determine the best legal strategies. For example, if your goal is to avoid sex offender registration, we will pursue a plea agreement that reduces your charges to a non-registerable offense. Defendants accept plea agreements for several reasons, such as avoiding the expense of a trial, avoiding a prison sentence, and eliminating the risk of more severe consequences at trial. 

Types of Plea Agreements 

Types of plea agreements that can be reached in sex crimes cases include the following:

  • Plead guilty to a reduced number of charges.
  • Plead guilty to the current charges in exchange for the prosecutor’s agreement to not file additional charges.
  • Plead guilty to a reduced charge. For example, the prosecutor may agree to dismiss a felony charge if you plead guilty to a misdemeanor.
  • As mentioned above, agree to plead guilty to a different charge that does not require registration.
  • Plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence recommendation.
  • An agreement that benefits you in exchange for testifying against another defendant or multiple defendants.


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