If you break certain laws, Ohio has mandatory administrative driver’s licenses suspensions. This most commonly occurs after police stop you for operating a vehicle while impaired. If the state convicts you of the violation, you will likely receive additional time on your suspension. Many drug charges, such as possession or trafficking, also come with a potential license suspension if convicted.

Losing your driver’s license can be devastating. It can affect most aspects of your life, making it hard to get where you need to go. A driver’s license suspension can cause you to lose your job or miss class. It may make it difficult to take your children to school, get groceries for your family, or even go to doctor’s appointments.

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The Administrative License Suspension and Appeals Hearing

Ohio laws allow police to take your driver’s license immediately if you test above the legal limit, face arrest for driving under the influence, or refuse to submit to testing. This is the beginning of the administrative suspension, which can last between 90 days and five years, depending on your criminal history and the details of your arrest. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles administers this suspension.

If there is compelling evidence to show you did not commit the offense that got your license taken away, we may be able to help you keep your license during an appeals hearing. We need to act quickly, though. You only have 30 days from the date of your arrest to schedule this type of appeal.

We will represent you during your hearing and present a strong case to show why you do not deserve the license suspension. Sometimes, we can convince the Administrative Law Judge overseeing the hearing to allow you to keep your license. More commonly, though, our best bet is to begin the process of securing limited driving privileges (LDPs).

You may be able to get LDPs that allow you to drive to work, school, the doctor’s office, and other important and pre-approved destinations. However, you cannot get these privileges until after you serve a period of “hard time” when it is illegal for you to get behind the wheel.

Fighting a Hamilton, Ohio Criminal Charge That Includes a License Suspension

If you face an OVI or other drunk driving conviction, you will receive additional suspension time as a part of your sentence. Many drug convictions can also come with a license suspension. This suspension could last for several months or several years, depending on the crime and your history of other convictions over the last ten years.

The license suspension you face if convicted of an OVI includes:

  • Between one and three years for your first conviction
  • Between one and seven years for your second conviction in 10 years
  • Between two and 12 years for your third conviction
  • A fourth conviction or other felony drunk driving conviction could trigger a lifetime suspension of your driving privileges

If the court convicts you of an OVI or other offense with a mandatory minimum suspension, you will lose your license. The best way to avoid getting this additional license suspension period tacked onto your administrative suspension is to avoid getting convicted of the charges you face.

We have several options to beat the charges against you. They might include:

  • Providing a compelling reason for the prosecutors to drop the charges
  • Negotiating a plea deal for a lesser offense that does not call for a mandatory suspension
  • Representing you in court and convincing the jury to find you not guilty

In some cases, we may even be able to help you if the court already convicted you of a drunk driving or drug offense. We can review your case and see if there are any viable grounds for a successful appeal. If the appellate court acts in your favor and overturns your verdict, you will not have to serve the mandatory license suspension.

Serving Your “Hard Time” After an OVI Conviction in Hamilton, Ohio

We know how hard it can be to try to figure out how to keep going to work or school — and take care of other important tasks — without your driver’s license. We can help you request LDPs after you serve your hard time.

Under Ohio law, every drunk driving conviction comes with a mandatory license suspension. This suspension includes a period at the beginning when you cannot qualify for LDP or other programs that allow you any driving privileges. This period is called “hard time.”

The hard time you serve depends on your offense and your previous convictions. For example:

  • 15 days hard time for a first OVI
  • 30 days for a first offense of refusing to submit to testing
  • 45 days for a second OVI
  • 90 days for a second offense if you refuse to submit to testing
  • 180 days for a third OVI
  • 1 year if you refuse to submit to testing on your third arrest

Because there could be significant time you have to be without your driver’s license, and because a conviction can interrupt your life in so many other ways, we will do everything we can to help you avoid a guilty verdict for an OVI offense.

Getting the Limited Driving Privileges You Need After an Ohio License Suspension

If you plead guilty or the state convicts you of an OVI or drug offense, we may be able to help you get limited driving privileges following your hard time suspension. These special privileges permit you to drive to certain locations, for certain purposes, and at certain times. This may include:

  • To and from work or school
  • Other necessary driving for work
  • Appointments with your probation officer
  • Court appearances
  • Meetings with us
  • Medical appointments
  • Other limited circumstances

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