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Listen to attorney Steven R. Adams talk about Ohio boating DUI/OVI charges in this Labor Day clip from The Bill Cunningham Show.

Drunk driving charges can apply to any vehicle, including a boat. People love to drink on boats, but boating under the influence can have stiff consequences.

Kentucky and Ohio can both make arrests on the Ohio River. They have joint jurisdiction. If you get pulled over by Ohio po-po, you’ll go to Ohio court. If you get pulled over by the Kentucky po-po, you’ll go to Kentucky court.

Kentucky rules are less strict when it comes to boating under the influence. It’s basically a fine, court costs, and a boating course. In Ohio, if you get convicted, you’re looking at fines, costs, a loss of your boat registration for a year, and a 3-day driver’s intervention program. However, they can’t penalize your car registration or regular driver’s license for boating under the influence.

If you get stopped by the water po-po, choose to refuse. You have to stop when asked, and you should be polite and respectful. However, you do not have to participate in any sobriety tests. Choose to refuse and say, “Officer, before I say or do anything, I want to talk to my attorney.”

It’s a game of evidence when it comes to DUI/OVI charges. If you don’t provide the evidence, they can’t get a conviction. It’s not your job to provide the government evidence. Say no-no to the po-po!

Note that if you’re anchored, you can’t get a boating DUI. When you’re on the water, they’re looking for going too fast, not having your anchor lights, or other small violations so they can stop you and look for alcohol on your boat. In most cases, people who are careful and safe won’t get stopped. They know there is alcohol on most boats, and they don’t have the time to stop everyone.  

Remember, boat police receive national funding. If they don’t make arrests, they don’t get funded. It’s all about money!

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