In most cases, people who have been arrested for a first-offense DUI have a chance at leniency. If you've never driven drunk before, the law gives you several opportunities to atone that repeat offenders do not have. However, those opportunities disappear if your DUI or OVI involved an underage passenger. teddy bear seatbelt

You Can Face Harsher Penalties for DUI With Kids in the Car

If you have been arrested for DUI while a minor was in your vehicle, only an experienced Cincinnati DUI lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of your case. Contact The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams today to find out how we can preserve your future.

A charge of DUI or OVI with a child in the car can result in:

  • Aggravated DUI charges. In Kentucky, drunk driving with a passenger under 12 years old can lead to aggravated DUI charges. An aggravated DUI conviction carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence with no option for early release. While an aggravated first offense DUI will mean a minimum of four days in jail, prison terms become longer for each subsequent offense.
  • Dual charges of DUI and child endangerment. The Ohio Child Endangering Statute allows drivers to be convicted of both DUI or OVI and child endangerment in the same incident if a driver's passenger was under 18. A first offense of child endangerment DUI is typically a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in prison. However, if the incident involved an injury to the child or you have been convicted of multiple DUIs in the past, you can be charged with a felony offense with greater penalties.
  • Losing your children. If your offense occurred with your children in the car, Child Protective Services may be called to investigate and determine whether you should retain custody of your children.

Are you or someone you know facing DUI / OVI charges? 

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