Child Holding His Mother's HandIf you have been arrested for domestic violence, you are at a crossroads that could affect the rest of your life. Not only are you facing severe legal penalties, but you could also lose the right to have your children live with you or even the ability to visit them without supervision.

How Domestic Violence Affects Your Parental Rights in Ohio

Under state law, a conviction of domestic violence cannot be expunged or sealed. With a permanent criminal record, it can be difficult to get a job that will provide for your family—and both factors are likely to be used against you in family court.

After an incident of domestic violence, your parental rights may be suspended:

  • Immediately. While your case is pending, the court may file a Temporary Protection  Order (TPO) against you. This is a restraining order that will prohibit you from making any contact with the alleged victim(s) and may prevent you from seeing your children or visiting your shared home until your case is resolved
  • For up to five years. If you are convicted of domestic violence, the protection order (sometimes converted to a stay away order) against you may be extended for up to five years. During this time, you may not be able to communicate with the alleged victim(s) in-person, by phone, through texting, or even contact through a third party.
  • Forever. If your partner files for divorce, the court will have to determine which living situation is in the best interests of the child. If your domestic violence conviction included charges of felony assault, child sex abuse, or repeated attacks on a child, you could permanently lose your right to physical and legal custody and all visitation rights.

Are you or someone you know facing domestic violence charges? 

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