1. DO retrieve your license, registration, and insurance before the officer approaches, if possible. Produce them upon request.DUI
  2. DO get out of your vehicle if asked to do so by the officer.
  3. DO be polite without giving the officer any evidence. Make the government prove their case without your help.
  4. DO remember you have a right to remain silent.
  5. DO remember you have the right to appeal any license suspension imposed upon you for refusing to take these tests.
  6. DO NOT answer questions about where or what you have been drinking. Tell the officer, “I want to speak to an attorney before I say or do anything.”
  7. DO NOT submit to any roadside sobriety tests, agility tests, or eye tests. All of these tests are voluntary, highly subjective, and designed to incriminate you. Tell the officer, “I want to speak to an attorney before I say or do anything.”
  8. DO NOT consent to a search of your vehicle.
  9. DO NOT take any tests that the officer requests of your breath, blood, or urine until and/or unless you consult with an attorney.
  10. DO NOT get pressured into submitting to field sobriety tests or chemical tests. These scientifically unreliable tests will not help you.

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