When facing a violent crime criminal charge, you have a lot on the line, including significant jail or prison time and substantial fines and penalties. Furthermore, a conviction can have substantial legal and collateral penalties. The collateral penalties, such as the loss of your current or future job opportunities, raise the stakes to heights you might not have considered. What is at stake for you depends on your circumstances and charges. Furthermore, some cases are more complex than others. You must choose the attorney with the right mix of experience and expertise to handle the varying complexity of your case with a fee appropriate and proportionate to what you have at stake. Accordingly, choosing the right lawyer to represent you may not be a simple decision. Luckily, choosing the right law firm to represent could not be simpler. The Law Office of Steven Adams has a tiered fee structure and attorneys of various levels of experience who work as a team to provide you with aggressive legal representation suited to your circumstances.

More than a Lawyer, Hire a Firm

The area of criminal defense attracts many solo attorneys some of whom may have little experience. This is a potential pitfall for a suspect trying to find the right attorney. Violent crime offenses can be very complicated. The State is required to prove every element of an offense, and some elements are very nuanced. Solo attorneys and inexperienced attorneys are less likely to have the time and knowledge necessary to fully consider and identify potential weaknesses in the State’s case. However, our close-knit law firm has a team of attorneys with experience from which to draw in order to evaluate these pieces of evidence for potential weaknesses and defenses.  Attorneys at the Law Office of Steven Adams work together to identify issues and plan defenses for the firm’s clients. We all collaborate in order to strategize for proper defenses for the client and expand upon those defenses as a collective team.not guilty adams

In addition, the practice of criminal defense in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky encompasses several counties and municipalities requiring routine appearances in many different courtrooms. A “solo” practitioner, working alone, will likely be handling cases in different courts and jurisdictions, spending a tremendous amount of time traveling and waiting to appear. This inefficient use of time detracts from the time available to devote to the analytical and strategic duties crucial to providing effective representation.

We are dedicated to the client’s defense, which means our attorneys work together to efficiently represent the needs of our clients and maximize the amount of quality time available for analyzing and addressing the legal issues in each case. There is no “low man on a totem pole” at notguiltyadams.com. Every lawyer and support staff member is exceptionally knowledgeable and strives to do the necessary research to be even more knowledgeable in their craft and in their practice. When hiring our firm, you know that one of many outstanding criminal lawyers will be on top of your case at all times. Our attorneys and staff members strive to be at the top of their game by reading, writing, educating the public, educating other lawyers, and educating ourselves on the most current law and updates in our specific field and craft so that we can be exhaustive in defending our clients and educating our clients and educating the courts and the jury. Often times we educate prosecutors and police officers.

How Do You Know You Can Trust Any Attorney at Not Guilty Adams?

Because we, as a firm, have done the homework for you. Each attorney at the Law Office of Steven Adams knows they will depend on each other’s experience, advice, reliability, attention to detail, and reputation. Simply put, you can trust the attorneys at the Law Office of Steven Adams because, as a small firm, we cannot afford to have anything less than a painstakingly selected and highly scrutinized attorney on the team.

But if you need more when deciding who to trust for your criminal defense, consider the following questions regarding their knowledge and experience, aggressiveness, reliability and customer service, and reputation.

Knowledge and Experience

  1. Have the Ohio OVI/DUI lawyers in the firm published any books or articles on criminal law defense?
  2. Have the Ohio criminal defense lawyers in the firm been invited to speak to or train other lawyers in the state on subjects relating to criminal defense?
  3. Are any of the firm’s attorneys a former prosecutor?
  4. Are any of the firm’s attorneys a former public defender?


  1. Does the attorney regularly take cases to trial?
  2. Does the attorney perform appellate work for issues not successfully resolved at the trial level?
  3. Does the attorney submit persuasive correspondence to negotiate the best possible plea agreement?
  4. Is the attorney known as an aggressive advocate willing to take cases to trial when acceptable plea agreements cannot be met?
  5. Does the attorney regularly file a motion to suppress evidence memorandums and represent clients at motion to suppress hearings?
  6. Does the Ohio criminal defense law firm use a licensed private investigator with former law enforcement experience?
  7. Does the firm subscribe to a top legal research database and employ skilled legal researchers?


  1. Does the other attorney have a network of experienced attorneys with whom to discuss case issues, defense strategies, and legal questions?
  2. Do the lawyers of the firm regularly teach and train other attorneys in the area of criminal defense?
  3. Has the firm been awarded the highest possible peer rating by the distinguished Martindale-Hubbell™ rating system for his or her legal and ethical standards?
  4. Have any of the attorneys in the firm been named in the Best Lawyers in America.
  5. Has the law firm been named in Best Firms in America?
  6. Have any of the attorneys been awarded the AVVO Clients Choice Award?
  7. Have any of the attorneys are received a superb 5.0 rating by AVVO?
  8. Have the attorneys and staff received outstanding testimonials and reviews from places like Google or AVVO?

Reliability, expectations, and customer service

  1. Does the attorney have and follow a policy to return calls and emails within 24 hours?
  2. Does the attorney willingly provide a cellphone number for text messages and phone calls so that you may stay abreast of your case?
  3. Will the attorney see that you are contacted by your preferred method for updates on the status of your case?
  4. Is the attorney willing to explain the process, timeline,  and expectations for your case?
  5. Does the attorney provide a detailed fee agreement to identify the services clearly included and additional fees should additional services be required?

Attorneys at the Law Office of Steven Adams can answer yes to the above questions. Our collective experience of over 100 years of legal experience with experience as prosecutors, public defenders, media contacts, legal education instructors, legal textbook authors, and more gives our firm a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience from which to draw. Furthermore, we feel our reputation for a willingness to take cases to trial and appeal legal issues gives us an edge in negotiating a plea agreement.

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