If someone you know was driving your vehicle and was stopped for an OVI in that car, the police may very well have towed it. If that happens, what you need to do is contact the police jurisdiction that towed that vehicle. When you do that, you’ll want to make sure that you have your registration and/or your title to show them that you are the registered owner of that vehicle. You’ll also want to inform them that you were not the one driving, and that you are innocent in the entire situation. If the police will not give you your car back at that point, we at the law offices of Steven R. Adams have the ability to file a motion with the court that is handling the underlying DUI. When we do that, the judge will almost certainly release the vehicle back to you, although you or your friend may be responsible for the towing and/or the storage charges for that vehicle.

Even good people can be caught up on the wrong side of the law. You or your family member has never been in this situation before. We’re in this situation every day. We’ll explain it to you, we’ll walk you through it, and you will feel comfortable with us representing you. So if you’re stopped by the man, call the man.

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