An argument can land you in jail if someone misunderstands the situation and calls the police. Regardless of whether or not your actions rise to the level of domestic violence from a legal point of view, you now face accusations of abusing your significant other or another family member. If police charge you with this type of offense, it could cause friends and family to turn against you. A conviction may mean significant consequences and a sentence meant to “teach you a lesson.”

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Understanding the Serious Nature of a West Chester Domestic Violence Charge

The possible penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction can vary widely due to the severity of the charges. Before the state determines the grade or severity of the charge you face, it will consider various factors. These include:

  • The nature of the crime they are charging you with
  • Details of the alleged crime
  • The strength of the case against you
  • The severity of the victim’s injuries, if any
  • Your past arrests and convictions

If you face accusations of a relatively minor domestic violence offense like threatening violence against your partner or other loved one, and you have no prior convictions, they will likely charge you with a fourth-degree misdemeanor. Your penalties could include:

  • Thirty days in jail
  • A $250 fine
  • Probation, also known as community control

If you are accused of more than threatening violence, such as causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a family member or a member of your household you face more time behind bars and higher fines, including:

  • Six months in jail
  • A $1000 fine
  • Probation, also known as community control

If the state accused you of a more serious crime, or you have prior convictions of similar offenses, you could face felony charges. The consequences of a felony conviction often include larger fines and a mandatory period of incarceration. With mandatory minimum sentencing, the state requires you spend a certain amount of time in jail or prison before we can attempt to negotiate a deal for community control.

You may also have a restraining order filed against you, preventing you from going home or contacting your family. This is common in domestic violence cases and can have a significant impact on your everyday life no matter what happens with your charges.

Building a Strong Defense Against Your West Chester Domestic Violence Charges

We will aggressively pursue the best outcome available for you, based on the facts of your West Chester, Ohio domestic violence case. This may include avoiding jail time or reducing the prison sentence you face. This is one of the most common goals our clients hope we can help them achieve, and work toward this goal when we create our defense strategy.

We thoroughly evaluate your situation, investigating exactly what happened and how you ended up facing domestic violence charges. We take all the information we gather about your case and use it to gain insight into the best approach to getting a more favorable outcome in your case.

We build a solid defense strategy based on the unique facts of your case. This may include:

Trying to Get the Charges Dropped

Occasionally, we may be able to convince prosecutors to drop the charges against you. This usually requires us to present undeniable proof that you did not and could not have done what they accuse you of doing.

The prosecution may also drop the charges against you if we challenge some of the evidence and the judge agrees to bar it from court. This usually happens because police mishandled the evidence, collected it without a search warrant, or there is reason to believe it is not trustworthy.


Trying to Get the Charges Reduced

If we can show you did not commit a serious crime, or that the evidence does not support the grading of your charge, they may reduce the grade. Grading a charge in a more lenient way also means less significant penalties if convicted.

Negotiating a Plea Deal

A plea deal is often a good way for many of our clients to avoid extended periods in jail or prison. We can often negotiate a plea deal for a lesser charge, or a charge based on a more lenient grade. This brings with it reduced penalties, although you will likely need to plead guilty.

Take the Case Before a Judge and Jury

Sometimes going to court and fighting to clear your name is the best option for a more favorable outcome. We will present your defense and ask the jury to acquit you of all charges.

Because we handle criminal defense cases in West Chester frequently, we may be familiar with the prosecutors and judge in your case. This works to our advantage, allowing us to use our knowledge of their tactics to argue your case in a more effective way.

If the courts already convicted you of a domestic violence offense, we may be able to help you file a successful criminal appeal. Let us review the facts of your case and the results. Sometimes we can identify a legal issue with the original ruling and file an appeal to have your conviction overturned or demand a new trial.

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