Depending on the type and amount of drugs in your possession, an Ohio drug possession conviction can have a severe impact on your life. The penalties may include significant fines, jail or prison time, and other consequences. Before you assume the charges you face come with minor repercussions, you should discuss your case and the possible outcome with a drug possession defense lawyer in West Chester, Ohio.

If police accuse you of possessing illegal drugs or want to question you about a drug possession offense, you have the right to a defense lawyer who can protect your rights and represent you during this process. At the Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC, our team is ready to go to work for you.

We will explain the strengths and challenges of your case. We will be clear and direct with you about the possible outcomes of your claim but will aggressively pursue the most favorable result.

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Possible Consequences of a Drug Possession Conviction

Numerous things can impact the sentence you may receive if convicted of a drug possession charge in West Chester, such as:

  • The type of drug involved
  • The amount of drug you possessed
  • Your previous criminal record

For example, the penalties you might face for possessing a small amount of marijuana will not likely not be as severe as they would be if you had a significant amount of heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, or prescription narcotics without a valid prescription.

A marijuana conviction for one joint that is obviously for personal use might lead to minor penalties, including:

  • Community control (Probation)
  • A small fine
  • Community service

We often find that those who are arrested for a small portion of marijuana are not in fact heavy users of the drug. Your history (or lack thereof) with the police department can affect whether the government perceives you as someone who made a mistake on the wrong day or someone who deals with this contraband regularly. Call your local Ohio drug crimes lawyer at The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams if you live in West Chester or Cincinnati and we will figure it out together: 513-929-9333.

Your conviction for possessing more significant quantities of Schedule I or II drugs, however, might lead to:

  • Significant fines
  • Prison or jail time
  • Longer probation with more stipulations
  • Other serious consequences related to a felony conviction, in some cases

In addition to the penalties included in the sentence from the judge, you may also expect other repercussions that may dramatically affect your everyday life. For example, an employer may ask you to fill out whether you are a felon on the application. This does not stop them from running additional checks into your background, especially if you applied for a job that requires a professional license, such as trucking. Additionally, the bank or property owner may run a background check on you when you attempt to secure housing. It is not uncommon for rental property owners to request background checks.

Our team will review the circumstances of your arrest and develop a strong defense strategy based on the facts of your case. Depending on your case, we will strive to:

  • Argue to get the charges against you dropped;
  • Fight to get a not guilty verdict; or
  • Aggressively pursue a deal that reduces the penalties you face

You do not have to simply accept the charges against you. We can help you fight them, representing you to the judge and jury and fighting for a more favorable outcome.

The Role of a West Chester Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

Our West Chester drug possession defense lawyers knows the habits and tactics of prosecutors and judges who handle these cases and understand the burden of proof they need to present to convict you. We can use this to our advantage when working on your case, building and presenting a solid defense to counter their allegations.

Give us a call as early in the process as possible, and we can protect your rights and offer advice during questioning and your arraignment. We will be able to explain what you should expect and help you prepare for the next step in the process.

We investigate every case we handle. We pay close attention to the circumstances surrounding your arrest, like:

  • Your actions before and during your arrest
  • The alleged crime
  • Why police stopped you or how they became aware of you
  • What happened during the traffic stop or other interaction with police
  • How the arresting officers behaved during your detainment and arrest

In some cases, we may even discover evidence during this process that proves you could not have committed the crime or that the police violated your rights before or during your arrest. We can use this evidence as a part of your defense, arguing that the prosecution should drop the charges against you.

Possible Outcomes of a Drug Possession Case

There are several likely outcomes of a drug possession case, and which one is most likely to happen depends heavily on the circumstances of the individual case. We can help you understand what we believe could happen in your case and argue for the best outcome possible based on the situation and the evidence they have against you.

Some of the most common outcomes in Ohio drug possession cases include:

  • You plead guilty, and we argue for lenient sentencing
  • We present a strong defense on your behalf, but the jury finds you guilty at trial
  • We negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors, and the judge approves it.
  • You plead guilty to a lesser charge with more lenient penalties
  • We discover evidence that brings the prosecutor’s case against you into question, and we argue to have them drop the charges
  • We convince the jury there is reasonable doubt about your guilt and they return a not-guilty verdict

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