The possession and sale of meth without a prescription is illegal, and Ohio takes these offenses very seriously. Methamphetamine possession is a felony. A conviction can affect almost every aspect of your life.

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How Serious Are Possession of Methamphetamine Charges in Cincinnati?

Over the last few decades, methamphetamine use has skyrocketed in Ohio and elsewhere in the United States. The state and federal government have cracked down on methamphetamine users, manufacturers, and those who sell the drug. Today, a conviction for methamphetamine possession carries with it severe consequences. While possession charges are not as serious as a trafficking or manufacturing charge, you can still expect stiff penalties if convicted.

An Ohio methamphetamine possession conviction may result in significant fines, jail time, mandatory drug treatment counseling, community service, and probation. In general, the more methamphetamine you had on you, the more time you will spend in jail after a conviction. The court also considers your criminal history, the circumstances of your arrest, and the likelihood you can adhere to the conditions of probation among other factors.

In general, a fifth-degree felony conviction for possessing three grams or less of methamphetamine will lead to six months to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Penalties could reach $20,000 in fines and 11 years in prison if convicted of a first-degree felony.

As you can probably imagine, spending even six months in jail can affect many aspects of your life in devastating ways. You may lose your job or need to take time off from school. Your family will need to manage without your income or your presence. Things will probably not be easy for you or for them. Once you get out, you may have a hard time getting a new job because of your conviction. When possible, we fight to keep our clients out of jail or limit their jail time to minimize the negative impacts of a conviction.

What Is the Best Possible Outcome in My Methamphetamine Possession Case?

When you ask us to help you handle your possession of methamphetamine case, we dedicate ourselves to fighting for the most favorable outcome for you. What this looks like, however, depends on several factors. This includes:

  • The circumstances of your arrest
  • The facts of your case
  • The evidence we uncover
  • Your individual needs and preferences

While we will work hard to clear your name, the truth is we cannot guarantee that you will beat the charges against you. No one can. However, we can put a strong defense strategy in place that offers the best chance of reducing your time in jail, avoiding incarceration, or preventing you from getting convicted in the first place. Some of these strategies may include:

  • Providing compelling evidence to convince prosecutors to drop the methamphetamine possession charges against you
  • Getting the judge to throw out evidence because of an illegal traffic stop, illegal search, or improperly conducted test on the alleged drugs in your possession
  • Negotiating a deal that allows you to plead guilty to a lesser charge, such as a misdemeanor charge that does not include jail time
  • Taking your case to court and working to plant reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury, leading to a “not guilty” verdict

How Can an Attorney Help Me Win in a Methamphetamine Possession Criminal Case?

Prosecutors must meet a certain burden of proof to win a conviction. They need to show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you possessed the substance and knew it was methamphetamine or another illegal drug. To win in court, we just need to bring the question into the minds of the jurors about one of these two factors. Unless jury members believe beyond a reasonable doubt that you possessed the drug and knew it was methamphetamine, they cannot find you guilty.

We represent your side of the story in court, presenting an aggressive defense to show you are not guilty of the charges the state has filed against you. Depending on the facts of your case, we may counter these accusations by arguing:

  • You have a valid prescription for methamphetamines to address a medical need
  • The methamphetamine belonged to a friend, roommate, or another person
  • The police have you mixed up with someone else they witnessed with methamphetamines
  • You were not aware the substance in the package was methamphetamine
  • Police illegally pulled you over or illegally searched your home or vehicle

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