For purposes of you gaining an additional advantage when stopped by the police for a DUI, here are three tips that you want to have in your possession.

1. Provide the Police with License, Insurance and Registration if Askedpolice check DUI

Have ready your license, insurance, and registration. Have these documents in your hands before the officer approaches your driver side or passenger side window. By law, you must identify yourself. These documents will do that. By law, you must be driving with insurance and your car must be registered in a state. As such, have these documents available before the police approaches. Once he approaches, he will ask you for this information and you will be able to give it to him immediately. Some of the clues that the police is looking for in this part of his investigation are whether or not you fumble these documents, provide the wrong documents, drop the documents, or do not follow directions in order to obtain them. Make sure you have these available!

2. Exit Your Car When Asked 

Exiting your vehicle when told to do so. By law, the police can and most likely will, ask you to exit your vehicle. You must exit. If you do not exit the car, you can be charged with obstructing official business for impeding a police investigation. Furthermore, the police can get you out of the car in order to ensure that you have no weapons for their safety. As such, politely get out of the car when you are instructed to do so. Obstructing his Official Business is a misdemeanor of the second degree in Ohio and carries up to 90 days in jail and up to a $750 fine. Beware!

3. Do Not Resist Arrest!

Do Not Resist Arrest. You may not get arrested. However, based upon our 30 years of experience in prosecuting and defending crimes, you will get arrested. But do not resist arrest. Be polite and be nice. Resisting arrest in Ohio is a misdemeanor of the first degree that carries 0 to 180 days and up to $1000 fine. Be polite and nice and do not resist arrest. Let the police office be abrasive and impolite - Not You! Take possession of that suggestion.

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