DUI Law Book With a GavelDriving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime, and the courts will not look favorably on those who have been accused of drinking and driving. Unfortunately, people who are facing their first DUI arrest have no idea how to navigate the criminal justice system, placing them at the mercy of the authorities. If you don't know what to expect, you are bound to make a mistake that can lead to steep fines or jail time.

Don't Make These Mistakes After a DUI Charge!

It only takes one or two errors to damage your case and hurt your chances of avoiding a conviction. After a DUI arrest, it is vital that you DO NOT:

  • Give the police evidence against you. Many drivers are eager to offer information to police officers, hoping that they will be seen as cooperative and be let off with a warning. However, anything you tell them will be used in court, and probably not in your favor. You should also beware of telling your family and friends anything about the incident—including posting anything on social media.
  • Drive with a suspended license. It is vital that you do not drive after a DUI license suspension while your criminal case is pending. If you drive to work, school, or anywhere else after your driving privileges have been revoked, you could face additional penalties (including jail time) and look irresponsible in court.
  • Miss your court date. You must appear in person and on time at your court date. If you forget or fail to appear, the courts may revoke any bail or bonds you may have posted and issue a bench warrant for your arrest.
  • Waiting too long to mount a defense. Every hour that passes after an arrest is critical to building your best possible defense. The longer you wait to speak with a Cincinnati DUI lawyer, the harder it will be to have the charges against you dropped or secure a "not guilty" verdict.

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