Even if you face accusations of a relatively minor offense, no one wants to go to court. When you face serious charges, the stakes are much higher. A conviction could mean losing your job, quitting school, or struggling to take care of your family. You might even spend time in jail.

The team from The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams, LLC knows how intimidating it can be to navigate the criminal justice system on your own. Our criminal defense lawyer in Colerain Township, OH can stand beside you every step of the way. We will explain the possible outcomes of your case and employ a well-developed defense strategy to secure the best possible solution.  Call us today at 513-929-9333 for a no-obligation case review.

Possible Legal Penalties of a Colerain Township, OH, Criminal Conviction

The consequences you face if the court convicts you of a Colerain Township criminal offense depend on various factors, including:

  • Your criminal record
  • The severity of the charges
  • The details of your case
  • Any required mandatory minimum sentences
  • The leniency of the judge

If you have no previous criminal history and the court convicts you of a relatively minor crime, you might only face fines and possibly probation. Depending on the crime, there may be a mandatory driver’s license suspension or other penalties.

Having a previous criminal record or committing a more serious offense, however, can lead to much more severe penalties. Probation (known in Ohio as community control) with regular reporting to a probation officer, frequent drug tests, and mandatory drug counseling is a possibility. So are significant fines, community service, and even jail time.

Just a conviction, in and of itself, is a consequence for many people. You now have a criminal record that will follow you for years. You will need to answer “yes” on job applications when they ask if you have any convictions. Your conviction will show up on background checks for a new job or even to rent an apartment. Some professional organizations will not issue you a license if you have certain types of convictions.

We understand that losing your driving privileges, being on probation, or spending time in jail can cause you to lose your job or force you to quit school. We will do everything we can to mitigate the effect these penalties have on your life. Our goal will always be to get the most positive results possible based on your situation.

If we cannot protect you from a conviction, we will fight for the penalty that interferes the least with your future goals. For example, we may be able to convince a judge to allow you to serve a short mandatory minimum jail sentence, to minimize the impact on work or school.

Winning Your Colerain Township Criminal Case

A not guilty verdict is not possible in all cases. However, we will develop a defense strategy based on your unique situation that focuses on achieving a positive outcome. In some cases, convincing the prosecution to drop all charges is a possibility, but in others the best scenario might require you to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

We will be frank with you and tell you our expectations for your case. While there are no guarantees, we can often predict how prosecutors, juries, and judges will react based on similar cases we have handled.

Some possible “winning scenarios” include:

  • Giving the district attorney a compelling reason to drop or reduce the charges
  • Giving the judge a compelling reason to disallow key evidence, weakening the prosecution’s case
  • Getting charges dropped for lack of evidence
  • Negotiating a deal where prosecutors significantly reduce the charges against you in exchange for a guilty plea
  • Negotiating a deal where you plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence
  • Presenting a strong defense that plants reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors, leading to exoneration

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Assist with Your Colerain Township Case

The primary role of a criminal defense attorney in a Colerain Township criminal case is to ensure the accused gets a fair chance. However, this role takes many forms. If you or a family member contacts us while police have you detained, we can offer advice and guidance as well as represent you during questioning. You have a right to an attorney any time police have you in custody.

If they decide to press charges against you, we can stand by you during your arraignment and help you understand exactly what this means and what charges they have against you. Many people only enlist our help after this hearing, however.

In that case, our focus is on investigating the situation that led to your arrest and charges. Our investigation will allow us to put the most effective defense strategy in place and achieve the best outcome available based on the facts of your case.

We will represent you to prosecutors, the judge, and jury. In addition to advising you on what to wear and how to act, we can also let you know what to expect as we continue through the criminal justice process to trial.

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Colerain Township, Ohio criminal defense lawyer Steven R. Adams and his team will help you fight for a positive outcome in your case. We always strive to minimize the effect an arrest has on our clients, and to mitigate the impact a conviction has on other areas of their lives.

The Not Guilty Adams team knows what to expect from the local Hamilton County prosecutors and judges and can help you understand how they will approach your case. And because our founder, Steven R. Adams, spent time as a prosecutor, we can work to be one step ahead of every move the other side makes. From the moment you enlist our help until the final verdict, we will remain by your side.

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